Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Stop Smoking!

Remember the guest post I had on here a few weeks ago?

I wasn't sure whether or not to allow such a guest post on my blog. I was hesitant I have to admit that. I also told this to my lovely friend Sierra. However, at the same time I thought that whether or not I think it's a suitable topic it is a topic that is current. I go to school and I see at least five people smoking e-cigarettes. I even had students in my class that smoked. YES, they did. I cannot believe it. I also cannot believe that the professors didn't do anything. Maybe they didn't see it; who knows.

Regardless of whether or not you smoke, hate or tolerate it....I thought today was a good day to catch up on that post and add some of my thoughts to it. Why? Because it's a topic that has become an everyday issue, or something we encounter every single day (not saying it's an issue per se, but it is current and needs to be addressed).

Wherever I go now I see signs like the above ones. It used to be Smoke-Free only, and now, baaaam, it's all Smoke and Vapor-Free. I don't mind. I don't smoke. I hate smoking. My mom smokes, my friends smoke hookah and well, I don't. However, yes, secondhand smoke it oftentimes even worse. Sadly.

Honestly? Just don't smoke. I can't stand the cigarette smoke, or the vapor smoke (whether or not it's oh so flavorful), or hello, I can't even stand the hookah smoke (and if you are into grass...then just don't get me started). If you must smoke please don't blow it onto and into my face, don't brag about it, ask before you do, and just have some common sense and tolerate other human beings around you. I like the fact that they are banning it more and more. Shopping Centers have started it, I hope schools will follow soon. I understand that people have the need to smoke. I see it in my mom, I see it in my friends. So be it. Just do it at home if you must. It is a proven fact that smoking deteriorates health. Plus, last week at midnight on Saturday a Public E-Cigarette Ban went into effect in Los Angeles. I was excited. 

Sounds harsh? Maybe.
I'm sorry if you smoke and spend hundreds of dollars for something I don't like at all. However, I tolerate you and your vice as much as I would want you to tolerate me and my opinion. Thank you.

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Safe and Secure: Working Out IT Security Kinks

With so much of our information online these days, it’s no wonder that many people experience a certain amount of anxiety about security. Even large corporations such as Target have had significant security breaches that have compromised many customers’ financial security and personal information. The crazy thing is that not a lot of people understand information technology well enough to know how to protect themselves as best they can. Both individuals and small businesses should learn a little more about how to set up a safe and secure online presence.
Servers and Webpages
If you own a business or have networked computers in your home, it’s important to have a 
secure server. Look into cheap servers at If you have a website for your company or personally, you may also want to have your own server to maintain control over your site. If your site collects personal information, such as credit card payments or email addresses, you’ll want to be sure to enable SSL or TLS  – Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security on each of your pages. These are cryptographic protocols which provide security in communication over the internet. Simply put, they use cryptography to prevent anyone other than an intended recipient from accessing the information you’re sharing. 
Password Protect
It may seem too simple to mention, but password protecting your business or personal wireless internet is essential to maintaining security. Most people now understand the importance of a password to prevent others from accessing their wifi, but some individuals still have not protected their wifi. If another person is using the same account as you while you’re sending and receiving personal information, it’s relatively easy for a skilled individual to hack in and steal your info. This is also true of public wifi, where many people may be accessing the same account. As a rule, save any personal transactions for a password protected wifi account. 
Research Companies
If you shop online frequently, it’s important to do a little research on companies before handing over your credit card information. Big companies like Amazon are less of a risk, because they are well known and reputable. However, if you’re looking for an obscure part or gift and purchasing from an unknown company, look them up, read reviews, and do your due diligence to be sure you’re not handing over your credit card information to a fraud.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Travel in Groups

Happy Monday everyone!!

Hope your Easter was fantastic (if you celebrated).
 I supported friends in Hollywood and had a blast - plus the weather was great as well. :)

What I'm sharing with you this morning is the following video.
I'm sure you've seen this before;
 and if not,  you 're welcome.
I fell in love with this the second I saw it. 
Thought it was a good way to start any day.
Here's my contribution for today so please have fun with it.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Work Out with Sweaty Betty

With summer approaching it is time to get back into shape with fabulous new workout gear. Sweaty Betty, a British company specializing in active wear for women ships throughout the United States and offers soft, comfortable, and colorful outfits to make a trip to the bi-weekly yoga or Pilates class even more exciting. 


Sweaty Betty’s purpose is “to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness”, and what could be better than getting in shape with workout gear from a company that wants its customers to feel happy, healthy and fit. Their Yoga Pants are not transparent and come in different colors and shapes; a few pants are even suitable for running, so if you like running after your yoga class you can use the same comfortable pair.

If you are into hot yoga classes you will also like the Yoga Shorts. They are fully lined, lightweight and have a print that flatters your body. Sweaty Betty additionally offers T-shirts to complete the outfit. Plus, if you do not like pants or shorts capris, dresses and skorts are also available. Further, a trip to the gym or yoga class can be enhanced with its various accessories such as dumbbells, a cute pair of flip flops or a durable water bottle.

Whether you work out regularly or just go to Zumba class to have a good time, a Sports Bra is needed. Your ladies need constant support. You can choose from a variety of styles to keep you beautiful and comfortable while working out. For years, only boring one-colored bras were available but now with peach, yellow, or striped bras on the market a trip to the gym will not be so boring after all. 


Sweaty Betty says they “are a company which aims to make a lasting contribution”, and their bright workout collection shows their goal is to live a healthy and fun life. I personally enjoy working out whether it is in Yoga Clothes or a simple pair of black sweatpants. To know that there is a new way to enrich my trips to the gym and Pilates classes I am looking forward to adding a few new items to my workout collection. It never hurts to have more than two outfits; after all, working out should make us feel confident and comfortable – I believe Sweaty Betty can do just that. Let the summer begin.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Fun - QOTD #25


“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, 
but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.”
  - Mary Kay Ash


Easter is upon us.
Time has sure flown by like crazy.
I thought it was appropriate to share a picture that brings me closer to home.
Also, I wanted to share a quote that makes me smile every time I hear it.
And what a friend would I be if I didn't combine this post with Easter, my Thursday QOTD, 
and my friend's MaryKay party? A bad one, I know.

I think I did a great job. No?!

How are you celebrating Easter (if you celebrate)?
What are you looking forward to?

That's simple. Spending time with family/friends.
Bringing joy while giving each party member on Saturday a fun Easter Bag (not basket) with pink grass to make it memorable that we had this party one day before the big Bunny Day (don't get mad, I know that Easter isn't about the Bunny!). And strolling through Hollywood. :) Perfection.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Where I Live - MMG

I took the above picture about an hour ago. I took the doggies for a long walk and encountered this gem. I always walk by here. I always do, but I never fully realized how beautiful it actually looks. So I took this. The reason I'm posting this today is not only for Monday Morning Gossip (or in my case, Monday Evening Gossip). It's for me to remember where I have lived for the past three years and what I will be missing once I move away. Before I get into this topic - and I might as well touch on this in another post - I want to look forward to this week; with a list. Maybe I'm going to continue making a list to keep track of my last few weeks left here in Southern California. I will miss it dearly. Yet I know I will return; latest on 7/4 or 8/15 to a dentist appointment. :)

The Happy Moments to Look Forward to this week

♥  warm weather (a given here maybe, but I'm still so happy about it)
♥  gluten free bakery visit on Wednesday so I get my gf cake/cupcakes for my birthday in June
♥  spending time with my favorite person
♥  catching up on friends and blog friends
♥  Mary Kay Party I am attending to support a very dear friend (I started to love this stuff! WOW!)
♥  creating Easter bags for that mentioned MK party
♥  Easter Sunday spent in Hollywood

The Not so Happy Moments to Not Look Forward to this week

-  math exam on Wednesday; I'm dreading this one the most. Yikes.
-  Easter Decoration - well, I love it but our apartment lacks any deco so that is why it's on the sad side.

I guess this week is going to be fun except that one hour on Wednesday. I have more to look forward to than I expected. Cannot wait.

Are you linking up with Monday Morning Gossip over at Leeann's and her co-host Kimberlee? You should.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fancies - April

Hi lovelies,

Even though this month's theme on Long Distance Loving is April Showers I don't fully believe in it anymore. Southern California doesn't fully experience that kind of "season"... NorCal maybe...and Europe definitely. However, to go along with the theme I thought I'd add a twist and call it April Heatwave. I know, not really creative. We had temperatures in the 90's and even though it's supposedly cooling down a little it still feels like summer. I added an umbrella to the set though, just in case there's going to be a sprinkle here and there.

April 2014

So, what do you think? Would you wear such an outfit? I would. Mine would be probably cheaper (I cannot afford such a gorgeous skirt at that price - sadly) but I would. I'd wear it for a fun Sunday Brunch with friends or family or with my favorite person. However, until I can afford such a skirt I am going with what I have in my closet; a few dresses, colorful pants, my new blue shorts I can pair up with anything and the many tops I have waiting to be used. Plus, my favorite color to wear is navy's got the elegance and the prettiness already in it. I cannot go wrong with that at all.

Happy Friday everyone.
Catching up soon again.
I have one test next week that just drives me bananas. Once done I'm all yours again. Oh well, that just came out wrong. You know what I mean. I hope. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm sitting on a couch and I'm laughing...

Do you know The People's Couch?!
It's a show showing you people sitting on their couches (or beds) and watching current shows like The Bachelor, Flipping Out, NCIS, The Good Wife, The Walking name it. I knew this show existed but forgot about it until I was suddenly reminded of the show by my former speech professor. Rachel is an amazing woman and so inspirational - almost unbelievable. So, when I saw on Facebook that she, her sisters and her dad were participating I had to watch the show. The fun just triples up when you know people.'s been hilarious.
The People's Couch is not another reality TV show - it's a show with regular people, just like you and I, watching TV on a Monday or Wednesday night and reacting and commenting to scenes. You know you do react when someone dies, or something weird happens. Everyone does. I wish I had a camera showing my reaction when I watched an episode of House of Cards the other day. Anyways, my point is, this show isn't just ahhhh, let's wait until something happens... That something is never going to happen. It's just watching people watching shows. As simple as that. Sounds lame, yes, but trust me, it's funny!!!!!!

So much fun.

When in need of another show but a completely different one...then watch The People's Couch on Bravo! Let me know what you think! xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip - Homesickness

I received a little surprise package from my mom and that's what was in there.
Sour apple rings (my absolute favorites) and grape sugar, literally.
No one understands this so I'd say it's glucose/dextrose.
You can still roll your eyes in amazement that you don't get me here...I have tried to find something close to it here in the US and have so far been very unsuccessful. Let's just call it keep your levels and energy going. Love it right before a test or a heavy time of work that won't allow me to grab extra power aka fuel of some kind. Needless to say, it's an energy booster. 

Pardon the wrinkled green tablecloth and what not...but that's the only photo I took.
I took it and sent it to my mom to thank her.
What she doesn't know is that the second I opened the package and saw what was in it I started crying.
And the waterfall continued to stream down my face. 
I have no idea why this happened but it did.

I know I miss my mom, my friends, and places I love and all...'s not the first time that I have been away this long...
so, bursting into a heavy and almost unstoppable crying fest wasn't expected and certainly wasn't on my calendar today.

I guess I am more homesick than I let myself realize.
With technology so advanced these days it's a lot easier to stay in touch.W
ith free texts (hello iMessage, or even WhatsApp messages via wifi) it's certainly been fun.
Also, facebook and skype have helped to stay in touch.
It is never the same though.
It makes you feel close for a few seconds or minutes. You talk to a person and in a few seconds you get a response back. This makes it real, and feel so close. Almost intimate.
However, we are miles and a whole ocean and sea apart.

So, besides an interesting heat wave in Southern California (and enjoying it immensely) I am beyond homesick. It's been a great start into this week, really.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Love For April

Guys, can you believe that we are already into month number four of this year? Where did the time go?
In less than two months I am going to celebrate my birthday and half of the year will be gone and over. Wow!

This season has a special place in my heart. It's between summer and winter and marks the beginning of new beginnings, of new opportunities, more energy and longer days. Spring is just a fabulous season sans the rainy days but rain is needed so I won't complain. 

While I constantly update my birthday list and reschedule a trip to Europe (I want to go back and visit my mom and friends, but cannot find the right time between all my school and job plans) I am longing for some quiet time. This season offers this. The flowers, the grass, the bees and birds...the brighter and more fun wardrobes...what more do I want?! 

                                             {via}                                                                              {via}

Do you like this season?
What do you or don't you like?!

I want to make the apartment look pretty and spring like. I know since I am sharing the apartment with roommates I cannot fully evolve in turning my spring ideas into reality. Hopefully, once I move and so-to-speak own my own place (with or without my favorite person) I am boss (haha) and can do whatever. In the meantime I get inspiration from magazines, blogs, pinterest and can just dream. However, right before Easter my roommate will have a party and I am planning on making a few Easter baskets for the event. It will be a Mary Kay event (yes, don't frown, she's having a blast and enjoys it immensely) and I am going to help her out as long as I am around. Proud of her. So, since I cannot decorate the apartment I am trying to make her party people happy by providing some spring fun.

Any ideas on how to make this basket?
It has been ages since I organized goodie bags/baskets for others.

Appreciate every idea/input/suggestion.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!



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