Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Where I Live - MMG

I took the above picture about an hour ago. I took the doggies for a long walk and encountered this gem. I always walk by here. I always do, but I never fully realized how beautiful it actually looks. So I took this. The reason I'm posting this today is not only for Monday Morning Gossip (or in my case, Monday Evening Gossip). It's for me to remember where I have lived for the past three years and what I will be missing once I move away. Before I get into this topic - and I might as well touch on this in another post - I want to look forward to this week; with a list. Maybe I'm going to continue making a list to keep track of my last few weeks left here in Southern California. I will miss it dearly. Yet I know I will return; latest on 7/4 or 8/15 to a dentist appointment. :)

The Happy Moments to Look Forward to this week

♥  warm weather (a given here maybe, but I'm still so happy about it)
♥  gluten free bakery visit on Wednesday so I get my gf cake/cupcakes for my birthday in June
♥  spending time with my favorite person
♥  catching up on friends and blog friends
♥  Mary Kay Party I am attending to support a very dear friend (I started to love this stuff! WOW!)
♥  creating Easter bags for that mentioned MK party
♥  Easter Sunday spent in Hollywood

The Not so Happy Moments to Not Look Forward to this week

-  math exam on Wednesday; I'm dreading this one the most. Yikes.
-  Easter Decoration - well, I love it but our apartment lacks any deco so that is why it's on the sad side.

I guess this week is going to be fun except that one hour on Wednesday. I have more to look forward to than I expected. Cannot wait.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fancies - April

Hi lovelies,

Even though this month's theme on Long Distance Loving is April Showers I don't fully believe in it anymore. Southern California doesn't fully experience that kind of "season"... NorCal maybe...and Europe definitely. However, to go along with the theme I thought I'd add a twist and call it April Heatwave. I know, not really creative. We had temperatures in the 90's and even though it's supposedly cooling down a little it still feels like summer. I added an umbrella to the set though, just in case there's going to be a sprinkle here and there.

April 2014

So, what do you think? Would you wear such an outfit? I would. Mine would be probably cheaper (I cannot afford such a gorgeous skirt at that price - sadly) but I would. I'd wear it for a fun Sunday Brunch with friends or family or with my favorite person. However, until I can afford such a skirt I am going with what I have in my closet; a few dresses, colorful pants, my new blue shorts I can pair up with anything and the many tops I have waiting to be used. Plus, my favorite color to wear is navy's got the elegance and the prettiness already in it. I cannot go wrong with that at all.

Happy Friday everyone.
Catching up soon again.
I have one test next week that just drives me bananas. Once done I'm all yours again. Oh well, that just came out wrong. You know what I mean. I hope. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm sitting on a couch and I'm laughing...

Do you know The People's Couch?!
It's a show showing you people sitting on their couches (or beds) and watching current shows like The Bachelor, Flipping Out, NCIS, The Good Wife, The Walking name it. I knew this show existed but forgot about it until I was suddenly reminded of the show by my former speech professor. Rachel is an amazing woman and so inspirational - almost unbelievable. So, when I saw on Facebook that she, her sisters and her dad were participating I had to watch the show. The fun just triples up when you know people.'s been hilarious.
The People's Couch is not another reality TV show - it's a show with regular people, just like you and I, watching TV on a Monday or Wednesday night and reacting and commenting to scenes. You know you do react when someone dies, or something weird happens. Everyone does. I wish I had a camera showing my reaction when I watched an episode of House of Cards the other day. Anyways, my point is, this show isn't just ahhhh, let's wait until something happens... That something is never going to happen. It's just watching people watching shows. As simple as that. Sounds lame, yes, but trust me, it's funny!!!!!!

So much fun.

When in need of another show but a completely different one...then watch The People's Couch on Bravo! Let me know what you think! xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip - Homesickness

I received a little surprise package from my mom and that's what was in there.
Sour apple rings (my absolute favorites) and grape sugar, literally.
No one understands this so I'd say it's glucose/dextrose.
You can still roll your eyes in amazement that you don't get me here...I have tried to find something close to it here in the US and have so far been very unsuccessful. Let's just call it keep your levels and energy going. Love it right before a test or a heavy time of work that won't allow me to grab extra power aka fuel of some kind. Needless to say, it's an energy booster. 

Pardon the wrinkled green tablecloth and what not...but that's the only photo I took.
I took it and sent it to my mom to thank her.
What she doesn't know is that the second I opened the package and saw what was in it I started crying.
And the waterfall continued to stream down my face. 
I have no idea why this happened but it did.

I know I miss my mom, my friends, and places I love and all...'s not the first time that I have been away this long...
so, bursting into a heavy and almost unstoppable crying fest wasn't expected and certainly wasn't on my calendar today.

I guess I am more homesick than I let myself realize.
With technology so advanced these days it's a lot easier to stay in touch.W
ith free texts (hello iMessage, or even WhatsApp messages via wifi) it's certainly been fun.
Also, facebook and skype have helped to stay in touch.
It is never the same though.
It makes you feel close for a few seconds or minutes. You talk to a person and in a few seconds you get a response back. This makes it real, and feel so close. Almost intimate.
However, we are miles and a whole ocean and sea apart.

So, besides an interesting heat wave in Southern California (and enjoying it immensely) I am beyond homesick. It's been a great start into this week, really.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Love For April

Guys, can you believe that we are already into month number four of this year? Where did the time go?
In less than two months I am going to celebrate my birthday and half of the year will be gone and over. Wow!

This season has a special place in my heart. It's between summer and winter and marks the beginning of new beginnings, of new opportunities, more energy and longer days. Spring is just a fabulous season sans the rainy days but rain is needed so I won't complain. 

While I constantly update my birthday list and reschedule a trip to Europe (I want to go back and visit my mom and friends, but cannot find the right time between all my school and job plans) I am longing for some quiet time. This season offers this. The flowers, the grass, the bees and birds...the brighter and more fun wardrobes...what more do I want?! 

                                             {via}                                                                              {via}

Do you like this season?
What do you or don't you like?!

I want to make the apartment look pretty and spring like. I know since I am sharing the apartment with roommates I cannot fully evolve in turning my spring ideas into reality. Hopefully, once I move and so-to-speak own my own place (with or without my favorite person) I am boss (haha) and can do whatever. In the meantime I get inspiration from magazines, blogs, pinterest and can just dream. However, right before Easter my roommate will have a party and I am planning on making a few Easter baskets for the event. It will be a Mary Kay event (yes, don't frown, she's having a blast and enjoys it immensely) and I am going to help her out as long as I am around. Proud of her. So, since I cannot decorate the apartment I am trying to make her party people happy by providing some spring fun.

Any ideas on how to make this basket?
It has been ages since I organized goodie bags/baskets for others.

Appreciate every idea/input/suggestion.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Move - QOTD #24


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein


I never thought I would say this but I think it is time to move.
No worries I won't move far away.
Just far enough for me to miss Southern California enormously.
I have grown to love this place I have called home for over ten years.
I might have left it for a while but always returned.
Now I think it is time to move up north.
I'm a little concerned, nervous, scared, excited, and just unwilling to accept that I must move.
It's not just the prices down here in SoCal that force me to leave but the opportunity that calls.
So, stay tuned.
As far as I know I will be moving - just haven't fully figured out when exactly yet.
However, one thing is for sure, it's going to happen this summer.


Three Outrageous Elements to Add to a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re considering renovating in order to create your dream kitchen, the sky is the limit for dreaming and brainstorming about elements you’d like to add. Take some time to create idea boards and brainstorm through the appliances, décor, colors, features, and layout that would make your kitchen a joy to be in. Do a bit of research, as many of the options available to you may not be things you’re immediately aware of. Here are a few ideas of outrageous items for your kitchen that may just be exactly what you’re looking for.
Popcorn Machine
Perhaps you’re a family of movie-lovers that can’t get over the unique, unforgettable flavor of movie theater popcorn. Why not put a popcorn machine right in your kitchen? It will make the at-home movie experience absolutely perfect – there’s nothing better than watching a film on your own couch, in the comfort of your own space, with real movie theater popcorn right there for you to enjoy. Popcorn machines are also iconic in appearance, so an at-home popcorn machine will add a lot of charm to your kitchen décor. Purchase some reusable popcorn holders as well to truly capture the essence of movie theater popcorn.
A Soft-Serve Machine
Fast and durable soft-serve machines that serve ice cream and yogurt are available in a variety of types, including stand-alone and counter-top. If you’re a family that loves its ice cream or yogurt, a soft-serve machine might be a great appliance to build into your kitchen renovation. Parties will no longer be complete without an ice cream topping bar, and your children’s friends won’t be able to wait to get to your house to enjoy the creamy goodness. Follow the machine’s special instructions for reloading and operating.

A Coffee and Tea Bar

Gone are the days when just a little automatic coffee machine on a counter top did the trick. Hot beverages are essentials for evoking a sense of community and warmth in your home, and many different flavors and additions are available to cater your warm beverage precisely to your tastes. Take a small space of your kitchen and create a coffee bar, complete with an espresso machine, variety of coffee, flavored creamers, extra elements like chocolate and vanilla syrup, and a variety of tea options. The bar will become a hub in your home and add to your peace and relaxation.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Influenster UniVoxBox

It has been a while that I shared my VoxBox experience.
Well, today I want to change this. I received the University VoxBox with little extras that will help any girl going to school to get through the day or even month. I am not entirely sure how and when I will use the nails but my roommate may have fun with those. Will use everything else though because spring to me is the time to use color and step out of the comfort zone and try something new. I am excited. 

Broadway Nails imPress Press-on Manicure
Just peel off, press on, and you are done. No glue needed. That's definitely something for me. I want it easy, simple and without any hassle. 

*did not like them. the color was great, but the nails didn't last a day. :( 

Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia
I am ready to take my lips to the next level I guess. So pink. The shine should last up to six hours so let's see.

Pilot Acroball PureWhite
This pen should give me smooth writing. Note taking will be fun again.

*love this pen. it really writes smoothly!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
I got it in Ivory which surprised me but I am ready to try this lightweight mousse that should leave my skin shineless, and cakeless.

*my skin dried up even more. i might have to put tons of moisturizer on it first.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
I have to wait a little longer to try this one but I'm curious. It's not my brand at all.

Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer
Very looking forward to this product. It apparently makes boring water taste tea-rrific with real tea. 

I'm mostly looking forward to the water enhancer, the pen, and the mousse foundation. Wish me luck!!!
You might see my rants or happy surprises on Twitter or Instagram...or even on the blog. :) 

Stay tuned!!!
all marked with * are updates to these products...


Monday, March 31, 2014

Living Well: Three Things to Pursue to Live Your Best Life

If you turn on any television station or open any magazine, chances are you’ll be bombarded by all kinds of messages telling you what you need in order to live your best life. Cosmetics, fashion, hair, and vacation industries all publish tantalizing pictures of the joy you could experience simply by owning their products. Life, however, can often be simpler than all that, and your best life may come out of simple appreciation of the things that are already before you – things you could get great satisfaction out of protecting and cultivating. Here are a few basic things that can help you live your best life.


Appreciation and Protection for the Earth

The happiest people are people who can be grateful for the beauty before them. No matter where you live, chances are there are small bits of joy each day that you may enjoy when you get outdoors and experience it. Take up walking or running on a consistent basis to infuse your daily life with opportunities to get outdoors. In this case, investing in a few pieces of active wear may help you stay successful in consistently getting out to enjoy the earth. Rue21 has great prices on leggings, printed tees for guys carried by Rue21, and printed tees for girls carried by Rue21. Make it your goal to clean up litter on your walk or to learn more about the eco-system in your hometown. 

Simple Style

Develop your sense of style and stick to it – and for most style icons, less is always more. We live in a society that’s obsessed with consuming, but choosing a few key pieces to mix and match your wardrobe will simplify your life, and allow you to spend money on other things, like saving the environment. Rue21 has palazzo pants, which make a beautiful statement, or high waisted jeans that can be paired with a variety of tops. Keep it simple with a few elegant pieces of jewelry, and let your natural beauty shine. 

Slowing Down

It’s easy to jump from thing to thing in this busy, fast-paced life, but slowing down will help you understand yourself and the earth better. Work hard to cultivate a schedule where you have some downtime to think, process, and pinpoint areas for growth in your own life. Invest in friends, the earth, and yourself to live the best life possible.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to Confront a Friend In a Loving Way

Confrontation is hard, and most of us don’t really like to do it, especially when it comes to close friends or family. If you’re concerned about a friend or family member but aren’t sure how to approach the subject, you’re not alone. Don’t avoid the situation. Most things get worse when we avoid them, and chances are your loved one will appreciate your care in the long run. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare to talk to your friend.


Put Yourself In Her Shoes

Have you ever been confronted about something before? If so, was it done well or poorly? Take some time to think through that experience and make a list of the good and bad elements. How would you feel if someone sat down with you and started making accusations? On the flip side, how would you feel if someone asked you a few great questions and quietly listened? If possible, it’s better to ask questions and get the perspective of your friend. She may know where the questions are leading and get defensive, but you are only responsible for your words and actions – not her reactions. Respond with love and compassion.

Be Prepared for Support

If your friend is dealing with substance abuse addiction, you may want to do a bit of research before the conversation just so he or she knows there are resources that can help. NJ addiction treatment centers can provide some signs and symptoms of addiction, as well as helpful resources for overcoming addiction. Don’t lead with a sentence like, “I think you have a problem, and I’m going to help you.” Start by asking questions and give your friend space to respond. It’s your friend’s job to admit there’s a problem and ask for help. If the addiction is threatening your friend’s life, or the lives of those around your friend, you may want to consider bringing other loved ones into the conversation and having an intervention. New Jersey alcohol treatment centers have helpful information you should all read before having an intervention.

Speak Truth and Be Loyal

Your friend may react badly to the confrontation – that’s a risk you’ll have to take. Consider asking another loved one to stay nearby in case you need a friend after the conversation. You can’t control how your friend reacts, but you can control your level of support. If she becomes upset, speak truth, and use “I” statements: “I care about you, and that’s why I’m asking. I truly want you to have the life you want. I fear that this problem is preventing you from having that.” If your friend storms out, consider writing a letter or sending an email afterward expressing your support, and leaving an open door for her to come to you if she needs anything.


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